Social Media

We use social media to outreach directly, through Twitter,Facebook and Instagram and tapping into new platforms as they launch.
It used to be about B2B and B2C but now it’s B2P, with P being people. Social media cuts across channels and is all about engaging with individuals and prompting dialogue.
There are huge positive opportunities, but the 24/7 scrutiny brings new problems too. The key is to have a strategy: think carefully about the resources you have and how to manage online conversations. Anyone can set up a Twitter, Facebook or Instagram account, but you need a effective strategy and good contacts to make it a success.

Treating social media as a integral part of your PR and wider business strategy we can achieve real business results.

LA MAISON DU CHOCOLATManaging Director, London
Our long –standing relationship with Clementine Communications has helped us dominate the luxury chocolate market across the capital and beyond. We value their advice and trust the team to deliver on-going, outstanding coverage for the brand and the products.
Les Domaines Foncalieu wines
Les Domaines Foncalieu winesMarie Annick Consola, UK Sales Director
Working with Clementine is really great. We have a specific plan to generate PR and they over delivered at every turn! We exceed our final objectives and thoroughly enjoy working with the team.
Sam Wylie-Harris
Sam Wylie-HarrisShopping and Drinks Editor, The Press Association
I have been working with Clementine Communications for more than four years and have featured their clients in my shopping and drinks columns, along with special occasion and luxury gift guides. Clemence and her team have always been extremely helpful, very efficient, quick to respond to urgent requests with weekly deadlines and a pleasure to deal with.
Richard Woodard
Richard WoodardFreelance Writer
One of the most positive aspects about working with Clementine Communications is that, unlike some PR firms I could mention, they actually appear to listen to journalists’ questions and requests, and you know that they’ll do their utmost to get you the information you need. I've always found them helpful, practical and responsive, and they’re not remotely ‘fluffy’ or 'away with the fairies'. Again, not something you can necessarily say about all PR companies...
Alex Smith
Alex SmithEditor, IWSR Drinks Report
Clementine Com is one of the more professional public relation firms that I have had the pleasure of dealing with. They are always helpful. Their press communications are well-written and relevant. They are also timely in terms of securing interviews and follow-up information. Clementine tend to be proactive without being annoying, which is always a fine line in public relations. They are also a lot of fun
Jane Curran
Jane CurranFood Editor Woman & Home
Clementine Communications are everything you need from a good PR company - speedy, provide accurate information, good at targeting the right story or product to the right publication - plus they are a pleasure to work with and are really proactive, a rare asset.
Robert Joseph
Robert JosephWine Writer
I have worked with many public relations companies over the years and can happily say that Clementine is among the most helpful and professional. Clemence and her team have an unusual understanding both if her clients and of the requirements of particular journalists.
Jane Wright
Jane WrightFreelance Writer
I have worked with Clementine Communications since Eurostar’s magazine Metropolitan launched in May 2010. I find the company very clued in to what we do and the team there support our work well with focused, tailored ideas for content. They also understand well how busy we are and the importance of selected, targeted information that means we don’t waste time. Clemence de Crecy herself is great to work with...
La principale force de Clementine et de son équipe ? Aider chacun à donner le meilleur de lui-même. Le client, en donnant du sens à son actualité. Le journaliste, en partageant son objectif final : l’information du public.