Clementine Com’s Time Management Tips

At Clementine Com, we believe in working smarter, not harder. Time management is essential for any busy agency, and at Clementine, our trinity of organisational tips work together to ensure that we stay on top of our work, giving us time to go above and beyond for our clients.

  • First up, strong communication. At the moment especially, it is more important than ever to keep in touch with your team, but it’s often difficult with people working in different places. Despite being spread far and wide during lockdown and with most of us flexi-working still, communication is something we pride ourselves on at Clementine. Social distancing never stopped our frequent team and client meetings, now done over Microsoft Teams, and they make sure we always know what everyone else is up to, to ensure maximum efficiency.
  • Our goals are therefore something we continually touch on, as it is essential in a team environment that collaboration and delegation happen equally, protecting our time and ensuring our days are used as efficiently as possible. Keeping clear targets for each member of Clementine has been one of the key reasons we have emerged from quarantine as strong as ever.
  • Last but certainly not least, effective planning is where Clementine Com’s time management skills really shine. We believe in looking ahead as much as possible, to ensure we are always prepared, and it’s one of the key reasons we excel at what we do. Planning ahead is where our communication skills and clearly-defined goals come together, as we form detailed strategies for the coming months. We want to make sure that when the time comes, we over-deliver for our clients, and that means managing our time so that we remain focused on the future.

There you have it; ultimately it all comes down to strong communication, clear goals and effective planning. We find that remaining consistent with these key ideas benefits all aspects of our work, from keeping our stress down, to keeping our creativity flowing.

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