Clementine Com’s top tips to going LIVE

Going live is a great tool for keeping your brand front of minds and present whilst human connection is limited, and we’re seeing more and more lives pop up everyday, in the form of work-out classes, wine tastings and even art lessons.

There are so many great examples of brands going live. Don Papa Rum curated their ‘Sugarlandia Sessions’ and invited DJs from every corner of the globe to play a set on their channels, transforming a Sunday at home into a beach rave in Ibiza. Glen Moray Whisky’s Brand Ambassador, Iain Allan, has been hosting regular live whisky tastings and cocktail masterclasses, bringing the Glen Moray distillery tour experience to your phone. 

As all social events were put on ice, many brands, magazines and influencers are making use of this tool to stay connected with their followers in an effort to keep the power of human connection going.

Here are our top tips for going live:

1)    Have a steady internet connection – there’s probably nothing worse than a blurry pixilated screen, don’t even mention cutting out half way through. So make sure to do a test to ensure the connection is strong enough.

2)    Good lighting – if possible, have yourself positioned with as much natural light in front of you i.e. facing a window. Poor lighting is almost as bad as poor sound!

3)    Interact with the audience – gather questions beforehand from your followers to get them excited about the live. During the session, try and answer as many questions from the viewers as possible. Lives should be collaborative and fun! So make it as interactive as you can.

4)    Keep up appearances – make sure you look the part, save the sweatpants for your housemates. Remember, these videos can be saved to IGTV forever. If your live is brand-led, make sure to have the products visible on screen.

5)    Promote – get the word out about the live before the date. Make sure you plug on your social channels so people have something to look forward to.

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