Planning for Preparedness After Covid-19

Some of the team attended a webinar kindly hosted by Vuelio where the topic of discussion was ‘Planning for Preparedness After Covid-19’. Whilst this has been a challenging time for all businesses negotiating a new way of working and the uncertainty it brings, this webinar stressed the importance of forward planning for what the future landscape may look like in brand communications.

Here we’ve outlined some of the key points discussed to help your business prepare for life post-Covid-19.

1)    Always keep one eye on the original destination

In terms of brand missions, these may have shifted or been skewed due to the ongoing effects of Covid-19. However, it’s important to scale back your ambitions to the core ambitions of the brand and stay true to the original goals before the world turned upside down. Linked to this is to keep the new activities you have planned linked to the DNA of the brand.

2)    Revisit the defined problem

After Covid-19 you must ask yourself – is the problem the same or different? Will you be solving a new business problem? Of course, it’s hugely likely the current situation has unearthed new problems for clients. If you articulate and pinpoint these problems – the solution will become clearer.

3)    Needs are changing, brands need to too

Covid-19 may have created a whole new audience for your product. The core users may well be a different cohort to the pre-Covid cohort so your new campaigns have to reflect this. Activities that focus new brand values on new consumers will fare better, ensure that you look at the function and emotional benefits that your brand can deliver to this new audience and demand. Keep yourself relevant after the storm.

4)    ‘Drill where the oil is’

Good strategy forces choices and keeps us single minded. More so than ever, clients need to use scarce resources wisely so resist the urge to jump to tactics. Stay true to one or two tactics which link back to the first point – keeping your eye on the original destination. Which tactics will help get your brand to where you want it to be?

5)    Good ideas never go out of fashion

Prepare to be overwhelmed. All businesses and brands will be planning big for the post-Covid landscape. A bold creative platform will be required to create the necessary cut-through for your brand. It’s never been more vital to have brave and distinctive ideas.

6)    Plan for the ‘new normal’

People’s behaviours will change forever because of this. Programmes and tactics will need to reflect the greater importance of digital and the limitations of the physical. So embrace the world going online – or be left behind!

If you’d like our award-winning PR and communications agency to help you achieve your business goals after coronavirus, please contact our MD, Clemence at to see how we can best help your business recover post-covid.

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