Team training and how we stay on top of the PR game

We’re always striving to learn new things at Clementine Com, so that we can continue to achieve as much as possible as an agency. This month, we were lucky to welcome the brilliant freelance journalist, copywriter and all-round wordsmith extraordinaire Peter Ranscombe, who came by to host a training session where he recapped and expanded on our knowledge of writing, editing and pitching. A hugely informative morning, we’re very grateful to Peter for his time. 

Our team has a wide-range of skillsets, owing to our varying personalities and experience. Clementine Com is a place that encourages each of us to excel in these different areas, allowing us to achieve across the board. Peter’s training therefore, was a great opportunity for us to go over what we know, but also to learn more about the areas in which we are maybe less practised. He started the morning by recapping pitching, the PR ‘bread and butter’. Pitching for us varies day to day and spans huge cross-sections of the media, and we found breaking down who we’re pitching too and how we’re pitching, really helped us to clarify our goals per client and per campaign. We finished the session full of new ideas on how to get results for our clients, so we’re very grateful to Peter for making the session not only interesting, but hugely useful, and something we’ll definitely be referring back to. 

Up second, Peter went over how to ensure our writing, whether for a quick social media caption, crucial press release, or digestible newsletter, is the best it can be. He shared some quick tips for ensuring our writing sounds as smooth and readable as possible, and also helped us to recognise where we can work on our writing, including common mistakes that he sees as a journalist on the receiving end of press releases everyday. 

Finally, we looked at editing; the crucial step between what clients say, and what we think the press want to hear. Peter gave us some invaluable tips on editing wordcounts down and editing ideas so that they appeal to our target audience, and we came away with enough scribbled notes to keep us inspired until at least next year. 

As a team, we’d like to say a huge thanks to Peter for giving us so much of his time, and coming armed with so many invaluable pieces of knowledge. As both a journalist and copywriter, he is regularly on either side of the PR machine as a writer of press releases and press articles, so his perspective is one we don’t take for granted. We look forward to welcoming him back soon- thanks Peter!

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