Clementine Communications Celebrates National Cheese Lovers Day With St-Rémy

20th January marks the National Cheese Lovers Day, a day our indulgent team celebrates in style! In fact, yesterday we did more than celebrate cheese. Inspired by the brilliant collaboration between St-Rémy Brandy and Rodolphe Le Meunier, international cheesemonger voted ‘World’s Best Cheesemonger’ as well as ‘One of the Best Craftsmen of France’, we immersed ourselves in the unique pairing of brandy and cheese. 

St-Rémy’s Master Blender, Cécile Roudaut, worked closely with Rodolphe Le Meunier to identify the perfect and most harmonious pairings. Roudaut commented on the partnership, “France is well-known for its diversity of cheeses, but up until now, nobody has thought to associate them with brandy. People are used to enjoying cheese with wine, or with port and with brandy it’s truly an entirely new tasting experience.”

Get inspired with some of our favourite pairings to try at home!

St-Remy VSOP x Stilton 

This traditional English cheese is a veined curd cheese with a creamy texture and a tangy taste. Its strong personality with hints of spice are perfectly balanced by the smoothness of St-Rémy VSOP. The strong flavours of the Stilton are softened by the deep and pleasant smoothness provided by the St-Rémy VSOP which results in a surprising but gourmet pairing.

St Rémy VSOP x Camembert 

Each element of this pairing highlights the other. On the one hand, St-Rémy VSOP brandy will soften the finish of the powerful taste of the Camembert. On the other hand, the creamy and soft texture of the Camembert will calm down the liveliness of the alcohol provided by the St-Rémy VSOP. 

St-Rémy XO x Wood Smoked Goat Cheese 

Wood Smoked Goat Cheese has a thick but smooth texture with significant hazelnut aromas. This smoked cheese will showcase and compliment the French Oak maturation influence of St-Rémy XO. St-Rémy XO is made using small French oak barrels and this develops woody, roasted and slightly smoked aromas in the finished brandy. Through the pairing, notes of dried fruits, dried apricot and almonds are revealed. The finish is long, complex yet balanced.

Bring on National Cheese Lovers Day 2021!

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