Alice Barraclough: How to survive quarantine fatigue and stay sane

This week’s guest post is from the wonderful Alice Barraclough, writer and editor at The Telegraph. She shared her tips via her Instagram @al_barraclough

If you’re anything like me, the fun of playing ‘house’ has worn off. You’ve hit the lockdown wall, and, suddenly, you just can’t take a minute more. You’ve had enough of every day being the same. Enough of trying to start some ambitious lockdown project that never seems to get done. There’s no longer AM and PM, just coffee time and wine time. And you want to see your friends, like right now, in person. Here’s some top tips on keeping compos mentis:

  1. Keep a diary

We are literally living history. Grab a pen and paper or post online – write down how you’re *really* feeling.

  • Stick to a schedule

Creating daily routine is pretty important. Not only will it help provide a sense of normality in a totally non-normal time, it will also stop you from snacking throughout the gay (guilty) and keep your spirits high.

  • Try something new

Complete a 1,000 piece jigsaw; paint; work on your handstand skills; bake that recipe you’ve never tried from your favourite recipe book or dress up and have a mini fashion show (hello, leopard print heels circa. 2008).

  • Keep fit

Invest in a decent yoga mat (my personal favs are from Lulumon & Yogi Bare), test out online classes (download fiit or onepeleton) or reach for those trainers collecting dust at the back of your wardrobe and go for a run (just remember to build your milage up slowly to avoid injuries!)

  • Read

Escape reality with an old favourite or a compelling new release. Reading connects people. And never have we needed human connection more than right now, when we physically can’t be close to one another. (I LOVED Kiley Reid’s Such A Fun Age – would recommend!)

How are you coping with quarantine fatigue?

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