Guest blog: Why webinars are good for online learning

Our Guest Post this week is courtesy of Bill Marcia from Stags Leap Winery in sunny California. He’s taken the time to write all about webinars… Many thanks, Bill!

Webinars are so common these days, there is virtually no subject in existence that you cannot find a webinar for! But why are webinars so effective?

Webinars, including SEO webinars,  are great for online learning for several reasons:

Flexibility and Convenience

Most web-based webinar software allows you to record the event live or pre-record and play the session during the webinar. This provides a lot of convenience and allows more learning.

Students or attendees can get to the webinar when they like. Also, the presenter can pre-record the even when it is convenient for them and post it at a scheduled time.

Interaction Encouraged Through Anonymity

Do you remember ever being intimidated of participating in an in-person meeting or event? Some people feel more comfortable participating in a learning event if they are anonymous on a webinar.

This can elevate the level of discussion by encouraging more people to participate. With more interaction, students can enhance their understanding of the material.

They Work

The US Department of Education did a study on the effectiveness of webinars. It found that students who attend online classes typically have higher performance than those who did in-person classes. Why?

Webinars offer the ability to playback the recording, share screens, file sharing, chats, and other features that enhance learning. There also are distractions in classrooms that you do not experience when on a webinar.

Many Lessons Available

Webinars boost the number of classes available to students and attendees. Many people cannot enroll in live classes they want to take. They simply may not be available in their area. They may be available but are offered only at a set time that does not work for the student.

With webinars, students and attendees have access to many more courses. This allows the person to broaden their skillset, as well as their understanding of their specialty.

Easy to Use

For both students and presenters, webinar software is easy to use. Everything is designed intuitively to make it easier to go to the lesson or presentation.

You also can usually watch most webinars on your cell phone easily, so it has never been more convenient to watch educational webinars.

It is clear that webinars have been excellent for online learning and education. They have opened doors to millions of people to materials they may not have been able to access previously. Try a webinar in your area of interest today and see how much you learn!

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