Q&A with Ross Bryans, Head Chef at 110 Taillevent London

Ahead of the grand reopening of one of our most-loved restaurants in the city, Les 110 de Taillevent London. We caught up with head-chef extraordinaire, Ross Bryans.

How did you start your career as a chef?

So I was studying engineering at college, as I finished my a levels at school and I thought, you know, engineering was what I wanted to go into. I was happy to have things in my hands and be creative you know, but I found it very boring it didn’t really connect well with me. So part time I was working as a dish washer at a local pub, and I enjoyed the action and movement in the kitchen and I thought it was an environment I would want to be involved in, so I started working in a big 5 * hotel in Edinburgh. The balmoral hotel, and my career just went from their onwards.

Why do you love cooking?

I love lots of aspects of it, I love the technical aspects of it, I love being able to be creative with style and flavours and I like the atmosphere and the team. I really enjoy that part of it, there are lots of things I enjoy about it.

Do you have one piece of advice for young chefs today?

Erm, yeah, I mean research styles of cooking that excite you and research it and go and eat it. Research who is the best in that field or game and go find out, go and work for them, get inside their mind and their flavours and grow and don’t give up and don’t give up too easily, it’s so rewarding when you get to where you want to be.  It’s very hard, but for me I’ve benefited and reaped so much reward in my career it’s unbelievable and looking back now it’s unbelievable.

Why did you choose to prepare Parisian food in particular?

Well I mean I think Parisian food at the level I am cooking now is just something that I have always had an interest in. When I was younger and looking into all the cookbooks of nouvelle cuisine I was thinking wow this looks incredible, the artistic plates and immaculately trimmed cutlets of meat, it just excited something in me and I  just went with it and you know always worked in French restaurants my whole career, and really enjoying it.

Would you say French cuisine is your favourite cuisine?

For my job yes, to eat I’m vary varied I don’t think I have one type which I… I love to travel and enjoy other cultures and enjoy their food you know.

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