Guest Post by Roxanne Rajcoomar-Hadden

Every month on the Clementine Blog we will be welcoming guest contributors from the luxury and lifestyle industry. Our first guest blog post comes to us from our good friend Roxanne Rajcoomar-Hadden, a rising star in the jewellery industry. Read below to discover about how Roxanne is making her new brand, Roxanne Rajcoomar-Hadden Jewellery unique in the competitive world of jewellery.

“Roxanne’s expertise, traditional values and contemporary outlook make her a rare and valuable guide and counsellor. Her discerning eye and golden touch make her the perfect family jeweller.”

I’ve always felt that jewellery is a very personal pleasure; whether through sentimentality or individuality, it serves to adorn us and make us feel special. It can brighten a dull day or mark the most brilliant one, with a wondrous power to transform.

With this in mind, and over ten years experience with fine jewellery brands including Theo Fennel, Bvlgari and De Beers (where I was the youngest rough diamond valuer in the world), I set out to offer a uniquely personal service that builds on the customs of family-jewellers of yesteryear, marrying those with a profound understanding and appreciation of gemstones and fine jewellery today.

I’ve been told that what really sets the RRH experience apart though, is how closely I work with my clients to understand what makes them special, demystifying the fascinating world of finery by sharing my knowledge and wisdom, to create pieces that are truly bespoke and reflect the unique character of those they’re created to adorn.

For me, that uniqueness is making and marking memories through culinary experiences – which is the inspiration behind my Goldie Rox collections – but my real passion is understanding what makes you tick, and bringing that to life in something that’ll be treasured for years to come.

To discuss any project, great or small, please contact me at or take a look at my website for a full list of services, plus testimonials.

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